OVAL 2.0 – Making Your Home Smarter

OVAL 2.0, the successor to the OVAL 1.0, officially goes live on Kickstarter today to gain backing for the latter version of the simple sensor that can help make your home smarter without major complication. OVAL 2.0 will have a new design and with IFTTT support, it can now be used with hundreds of smart home devices such as Amazon Echo and Google Home.

So what is an ‘OVAL’?, they are an all-in-one solution and can monitor and detect changes in motion, temperature, humidity, light and water depending on what you want it to do and where you place it within your home. You can monitor anything from motion of the front door to the temperature in your newborn baby’s bedroom.

Mike Harry, CEO, OVAL Digital Inc, commented. “No two homes, or people, are alike, and OVAL was created with this in mind. After our initial release, we spent the year speaking to our customers all over the world, learning how they were using OVAL around the home and asking how we could improve our smart sensor to provide even more value to our customers. OVAL 2.0 is the result of both customer feedback and the latest technology available.”

“OVAL has demonstrated it can improve lives, even save them,” says CEO Mike Harry. “In one instance, a customer had installed OVAL in his elderly father’s home. One day, OVAL identified a drop in temperature and alerted our customer immediately. Concerned that his father, who was on blood pressure medication, wasn’t answering his phone, our customer rushed to him, and found his father unresponsive after he’d accidentally lowered the thermostat to a dangerous level. Our customer wrote us explaining that while he knew OVAL would give him peace of mind about his father’s well-being, he never thought it could actually save his life.”


The retail price for an OVAL Smart Home (1 OVAL Gateway, 1 OVAL Sensor) is $269 USD. For the first day only, backers will be able to purchase the OVAL Smart Home for $99 USD. Second day price is $109 USD, and for the rest of the campaign it will be $119 USD. There are many other package offerings with additional savings in the Kickstarter campaign and OVAL will be offering a few “surprise” sales throughout. People who subscribe to our mailing list will be notified when sales are announced.

The Kickstarter link is: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/meetoval/oval-make-anything-smarter

For more information, visit www.meetoval.com