Got £41 grand spare for a new game?

Sega OutRun was an epic game. No denying it. I’m old enough to remember the original, but then another one, cunningly named Sega OutRun 2, was released in 2003. It looked like this…

Now, if you want to experience OutRun in your own home you could, if you’ve got heaps of cash, buy this OutRun 2 Super Deluxe Arcade game for just £40,995 !

There’s all the original courses and cars plus an additional 15 courses with 10 new cars. There’s three game modes, two handling options and different course options.

Yeah I know. You thought I was going to force in reference to a smartphone version. Well, I’m not. If you’ve got a big house and you’re making a huge amount of money, this could be the perfect thing for your games room.

OK, perhaps not for everyone. It might be a tad expensive. If, like me, you’re on a budget, you could perhaps check these slightly cheaper arcade machines (I wish I had enough cash for the Daytona machine) or, if money is really tight, there’s one single table tennis bat for £8.95.