Three add Snapchat to GoBinge

In the latest update to GoBinge it looks like Three has added the popular service Snapchat to the range of apps that are “data free”

This means anyone using the service with GoBinge can Snapchat all they like without it using data from your data.

Three add Snapchat to GoBinge

The company have also given us a present in the form of Puggerfly. He’s part pug, part butterfly, and the AR pet that will be available to all Snapchat users can interact with. 

Dolphasloth and the Giraffamingo hit our screens last year.

The new advert is the latest in the line from the company as it tries to differentiate from the rest of the industry. Be sure to keep a look out for the cute cuddly Puggerfly on Snapchat soon.

Meanwhile, learn more about GoBinge on the Three website and check out the press release below