Enjoying the sun? Get yourself a battery-powered scooter to go to work on

OK, so you’re probably going to have to watch the numerous potholes that are about at the moment. Riding one of these things on a road could  be eventful for all the wrong reasons if you don’t have your wits about you. I’ve reported a cluster of around 6 huge potholes in one road and, after two weeks, nobody from Staffordshire County Council has even bothered to go and look at it according to the update I got this morning. Lovely. I’ve got to get me a job on the council…

“Ooohhh, I’ll have to have another cup of tea before I set off and have a look at those craters in Dogshead Lane. I might just be able to fit in an inspection before lunch, then I might have another cup of tea before calling it a day. Too hot y’know..”

Anyways. The PR people behind these whizzy electric scooters mailed me. They wanted it pimping. You can get a selection of them in your local Currys. I couldn’t actually find this iconBIT Kick Scooter FF on the site, but if you have a look on the manufacturer website you’ll see that it’s £499, it’s made from aluminium, has a removable battery and is foldable.

It’s also got clever electronic braking which allows the battery to be recharged when you’re slowing down. There’s also a suspension system with front absorber and 6.5″ tyres. It’s powered by a 250W hub-motor with a 36V / 4.4Ah battery and you can even use it as a charger for your smartphone. It’ll do three different speed settings – either 8km/h (about 5mph), 16km/h (about 10mph) or 25km/h (about 15mph).

In all honesty I’d love to try one of these. I’m young, hip, cool and definitely don’t whinge about potholes when I’m supposed to be writing about a trendy electric scooter.