Binary Trading – Now web only

Google Play is the go-to place for apps if you’ve got an Android handset. It’s monitored and controlled by Google but, if you’re into your binary trading, you may have noticed that a new ban on apps allowing Binary Options trading has just kicked in.

The news appeared in a recent Developer Policy update, which states that there’s now a new policy on binary trading options.

Luckily, as all smartphones generally have a browser, you can just browse to a trading site. For those, by the way, who aren’t aware, trading with binary options can be seen as an investment, with sometimes risky but sometimes high-paying returns. The word “binary” gets used because it’s a win or lose – either the trade is successful, and you get a significant return, or the trade is unsuccessful, and you lose your investment. You don’t need a calculator or some complex formula – it’s just a win or lose. This means that people are calling it an “all or nothing” investment – you have to make a judgement on whether the asset value will rise or fall. It doesn’t matter by how much.

The trap that many fall into is by using unregulated brokers, which has led to Google taking recent action on all this.

Apple have already looked at their app store. Meanwhile, Google, in the April 2018 update, have added a number of categories to their list of ban-list, including apps which are perceived to encourage hate speech or fantasy sports apps. They’ve also updated their policies on violence, user generated content and updated their “Designed for Families” programme.