OnePlus 5T is sold out across Europe and OnePlus continue to tease

OnePlus continue to prepare for the pending OnePlus 6 launch with more teasers but in the meantime, it has been confirmed that the OnePlus 5T launched in 2017 has reached the end of its life. That model has sold out in most of Europe, however, O2 still have some left in the UK. The OnePlus 5T has been the biggest selling OnePlus device to date, and sold out in North America in March 2018, well ahead of expectation.

“OnePlus was born from a simple idea – to give people the best possible smartphone, a beautiful balance of power and design,” Pete Lau, CEO and founder of OnePlus said, “We’ve always worked closely with our community, listening to and implementing feedback and that’s one of the reasons for the success of the OnePlus 5T, so I’d like to thank them for helping us to constantly improve and driving our growth in Europe.”

So, here is OnePlus’ latest teaser for the OnePlus 6:

Not many clues until another Twitter user did this..

We can guess the fingerprint scanner is on the back, which pretty much confirms the full iPhone X fuller screen. It’s probably going to be a longer device than we have seen from OnePlus before and possibly the SIM slot has moved. We will continue to follow the developments and release any information when we can.