Three help ease roaming fears

When it comes to taking a break abroad, it is so easy to take your eye off the ball and a simple error could because a massive headache.

From passports getting lost to wallets getting stolen, there is lots that can happen out of the blue and turn your well deserved break into a stressful stay filling in paperwork to make a claim.

Now, although in the EU you’re now covered on all UK networks, there’s still countries further afield where roaming charges can seriously kick you in the wallet. When it comes to roaming, Three have sent out a press release today to promote their Feel at Home and Go Roam services. It means that customers can use calls, texts and data in 71 countries for no extra charge.

I have used the service in USA, Spain and France and loved being able to stream my adventures on Facebook Live or being able to keep in touch with social media, all whilst having no worry on what it was costing me.

Check out the full press release below. Oh, and don’t forget – if you’re on a Three “Essentials” plan, you’re a bit different – only the EU is covered.