Scream if you wanna charge faster!

Photo Credit: David Parry/PA Wire

Thorpe Park appears to come up with an innovative new way to charge your phone. They’re going to power up your battery with your screams!

Yes, let’s be honest, they’re trying to promote their new ride (opening this Easter) called “The Walking Dead”, but it still sounds like a bit of fun to us.

Essentially, the more you scream, the greater amount of energy is harvested to charge your mobile phone. To get started, you put your phone into an on-park charging unit, which is powered by previous ride-goers screams. These are magically extracted from one of five “Scream-O-Meter” units on the carriage.

The screamometer. Photo Credit: David Parry/PA Wire

The park have developed this system with researchers at Queen Mary University after finding out that running out of battery is the top fear for millennials (68%).

Is it just screams ? Well, not quite. The devices which have been fitted to the carriages will harvest kinetic energy. That includes g-force and vibrations plus screams. These clever gadgets will convert the energy and it then gets stored in a power management unit throughout the day. This is then removed from the carriages and deposited into the on-site mobile charging point, allowing guests to charge their devices.

A visitor plugs in their mobile to the charging unit .
Photo Credit: David Parry/PA Wire

A set of blood red LED lights get brighter as screams become louder on the ride.

Head to Thorpe Park for more details or to book tickets.