Calling Virgin Media customers! SIM only deals!

If you’ve got Virgin Media then it’s in your own interests to get a SIM card from them too. They, like Sky and BT, try to hook you into as many of their services as possible.

The Virgin Mobile network runs on EE masts, so you’re going to get great coverage and you’re also going to get 4G connectivity. Right now, and I believe only until tomorrow, they have a deal on for existing Virgin Media customers which will get you 2GB of data plus unlimited texts and 1500 minutes of talk-time for a mere £5 per month. If you want a bit more data and / or talk-time, you can get a 4GB allowance for £8 per month and that also bags you 2500 minutes.

To get the deal, head to their website. They also do “truly unlimited” for £25 per month.

Now yes, these are 12 month plans, but they do include data rollover, so if you don’t chomp through your internet allowance, it goes onto next month. You can also, if you find you’re going regularly over or under, switch the plan to suit your needs, every month if you have to.

Oh, and one final thing that might swing it. The Virgin Media plan has inclusive Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp messaging, so you don’t need to pay for the data you’re using on these apps. Good huh?