Vodafone gets Google Assistant support

No one wants to go over their allowances and run up a large bill. Even with the most generous allowances, it’s still a good idea to check regularly.

Vodafone UK have tried coming up with more interactive ways of doing just that.

The network made an Alexa skill available late last year so users can ask their Alexa questions about bills, allowances, and helpful information via voice.

Vodafone gets Google Assistant support

However, it looks like Google Assistant is now getting added, so customers can now ask Google about their account.

To enable, just load the Assistant like normal and say “Talk to Vodafone”. Google will start pairing with your Vodafone account. Once completed just load the Assistant, say “Talk to Vodafone” again and you will get a whole range of information via your voice.

On testing myself I was very impressed with the speed and amount of information on offer. For more info head to the Vodafone Blog to try it yourself.