#MWC18 – Energous. Wireless charging from a distance

Wireless charging is great and, although it has been a staple of many Android phones for a few years now, it is very much a new thing for iPhone users. As a side affect from this, a lot more companies are showing interest in the tech now.

As it stands, the industry standard is called Qi Charging. This is a system based on charging coils embedded in the back of the device that line up with the coils on another Qi base unit. However, they need to be in very close proximity. Whilst this is great and a very nice feature to have, it comes with its own problems.

What if you wanted to charge your device with a heavy duty case on it?

Well, for those of you have tried, you will know that it is not always possible using the Qi standard.

This is where Energous want to help with distance wireless charging.

How cool does that sound?

I really do like this idea but at the moment I’ll be honest, it is not something we are going to see in our devices anytime soon.

I have since been informed that Wattup is being used in the Skiin clothing range as a means to charge the sensors that are used to monitor various biometrics offered by this smart
underwear. If you wish to find out more visit this link

What we do know is that Energous are actively looking for partners to develop end-user products for the real world. The photos below show what we could see in the near future with regard to base units that can be added to existing tech.

The ultimate aim is for Ergous to install their Wattup chipset/transmitter into products such as wearables, phones, speakers and yes – even phones. Once this is done then, as soon as you are in proximity of a Wattup base unit, your device will connect the charging network and accept charge.