Coolsmartphone Podcast 221 The Gift That Keeps On Giving

It is mid-February. We are approaching a significant shopping event (Saint Valentines Day). The Coolsmartphone Team love you all unconditionally. Our Podcast Editing Porgs worship you like gods, and sacrifice themselves for the production of the podcast. So what better gift can we give you other than one from the last big shopping event of 2017? Yes, an episode of the Coolsmartphone Podcast recorded at Christmas last year.

We apologise in advance about the audio quality of this episode. Some of the hosts have “microphone hygiene” issues and the Podcast Editing Porgs did their best to amplify and clean up the content in editing.

Once we actually work out what microphones are, we will start soundchecks before starting recordings. Thanks for the feedback Dan.

Until the next episode, we hope your eardrums don’t burst. Merry Saint Lunar New Valentines Day y’all!