Wait, you didn’t see the Winter Olympics Ceremony? Oh boy.. check this out

Did you see the opening to the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang? Did you? Did you?

Well, if you did and if anyone ever asks, “What was the best Olympics Opening Ceremony ever?” You can say that it was, without doubt..

……… the 2012 London Olympic Opening Ceremony.

Oh come on, we kicked it out of the park.

THAT was a ceremony.

James Bond?
The Queen jumping from a helicopter?
Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web??!

We nailed it. NAILED IT.

Oh, and what about our closing ceremony too?! Fatboy Slim?  FATBOY  SLIM! BOOM!

I reckon he should’ve done a full set. That would’ve got things going! WOOP!

..just gloss over that Russell Brand bloke.

Anyhow, right now it’s the Olympics where everyone does stuff on snow and ice. Athletes from South Korea and North Korea are competing under a unified flag. Amazing. But wait, Intel appear to have stolen the show with a fleet of 1,218 drones flying in perfect sync to create beautiful images in the sky. The Olympic rings, images and patterns. It’s wonderful to look at.

This sort of thing has been done before, but given the worldwide reach of the games, it’s one of the first times that so many people have witnessed such a geeky but beautiful scene.


OK, so the footage of the 1,218 drones was pre-recorded. Some 300 drones appeared live in front of the assembled audience, and there’ll be a similar amount at medal ceremonies, but still… very impressive.

All of this is tracked and controlled by computer of course. 🙂