It’s the start of the year, and we’re all a bit skint.

I spend a lot of my day on my smartphone. However, I perhaps use it very differently to many others. Instead of browsing Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, you’ll instead find me working.

Using either a Notepad or the official WordPress app to write stories, or editing and sharing documents on Office365, I’m split between a couple of worlds. One, a hobby which involves me writing these posts and another, working in a day job. The latter means that I can write emails in Outlook, communicate and video-conference with Skype for Business. This is really freeing, especially working in a global company where you rarely get to physically meet absolutely everyone you work with.

It is, to put it simply, how I earn cash with my phone. I basically use it for work and, as I mentioned, it’s not all about just sending emails. I can create and edit Excel sheets, PowerPoint presentations and take part in discussions and collaborations on Microsoft Teams too.

For others, they’ll earn cash with their phone a slightly different way. You can perhaps take pictures and be a photographer. I’ve seen many sites which will also sell photos you’ve taken and, if you’ve ever searched for a stock image, you’ll find that some of the more obtuse but perhaps useful have been taken on a smartphone. If you’re lucky, you can take a picture at a live event and it’ll gain a lot of exposure

Remember the mother who snapped a photograph of the four smiling royals? She’s hoping that all the newspaper and magazine revenue she received will help fund her daughter’s university education.

For those that are prepared to try it, taking a punt with a gambling app is a possible way of getting some cash. A lot of these apps, like some of the modern advanced games you can download, tend to work better on more powerful smartphones. Such is the demand on graphics and memory. Some are even checking which are the best smartphones to gamble on before buying. Getting a cheap budget handset can be a false economy.

You could also, as I’m trying at the moment, actually try and save some cash. I’m using an app called Moneybox. This will let you round up the cash you spend to save small but important amounts each week. You can also take a fixed weekly payment to stash the cash for a rainy day. Whilst it’s not strictly “making money”, it is stopping you spending it on other stuff, and it’s the modern way to create your own little nest egg. You can also invest it too…

Ah yes, investing. Always a tricky one this, but you can get started with simulation apps where you try to make money by trading currencies. These will use data from real exchanges and guide you along the way with information from stock trading to help educate you. Here you will find out how trading principles and trends could affect your investment pot, and all without you losing any real cash. If you want to continue, then there’s real stocks, shares and investment apps out there.

Another way of earning cash? Well, just recently I found an app called Sweatcoin. Instead of sitting on your bum and faffing with your phone, it actually tracks your movement. This is a step counter and activity tracker app which pays you in a digital currency called “sweat coin”. The more you move, the more coins. You can then spend you (literally) hard earned currency on gadgets, sports kit, fitness training, healthy nutrition and more.

Meanwhile, apps like Swagbucks will pay you in gift cards and coupons by watching videos, answering questions or completing offers. You also get cash by referring friends.

Perhaps a more straightforward and well-known way is to set yourself up as an eBay seller. Here you can set up a shop and turn yourself into an online merchant in no problem. You can also sell via Facebook, apps like Shpok and Amazon. If you’re selling car spares or perhaps want to make a bit of cash from some of the unused stuff in your garage, it’s a quick way to make some much-needed money, especially just after Christmas.

When you’ve finally chosen which of these you will do to earn cash, the only thing left to do is to be dedicated to what you’ve chosen. Making content, managing accounts, or writing articles every day seems difficult. But once you get used to it, it will be just as easy as breathing. You can also do two or three items on the list all at the same time.