The top 5 Android games that my wife seems to be addicted to

My wife asked me for help with her smartphone last night and I started asking about some of the games installed on there. I figured that some apps were worth removing, but she was definitely not willing to do that.

I find her in the middle of cooking, or while waiting for the kettle to boil, playing these games, so I figured they were worth highlighting here as, well, if my wife likes them, they must be good..

There are many places one can download these games. Although Google Play is usually the go-to place for apps and games, you can also try places like AndroidHackers and download Android games as well as android game hacks without the root. She’s mostly got free games with the adverts slightly spoiling the experience instead, but here’s what’s on there…

1 –

This, and I got sucked in myself, is a madly addictive game which connects you to other players online. You basically have to control your snake and eat food to get longer. As you do so though, things get trickier, and you have a more cumbersome snake to control. Meanwhile, other players from around the world are playing the game too, and they’re trying to make you bump into them. If you do, you’re out, and they can eat your remains to get even longer.

It’s not all about length though, you can still cause another player to crash when you’re small too. Oh, and you don’t have to actually install the thing, just Google for and play in a web browser.

2 – Sonic Forces: Speed Battle

I only mentioned Sonic and Sega yesterday, but here the Hedgehog runs away from you in a lane-based auto-runner. Again, this puts you up against other players online and you have to be pretty quick on your feet. Which probably sounds a lot like Sonic Dash – but here, you battle it out against online opposition.

Again, I’ve given this one a try and there’s some lovely 3D scrolling going on. Proper nice, even if you’re just looking over someone’s shoulder at the thing. Characters include Classic Sonic, Silver, Metal Sonic, Chaos, and Zavok.

3 – Go Plane

Well, this is easy to pick up, but not master! Imagine one of those scenes in a movie where a plane has an air-to-air missile fired at it and has to dodge and manoeuvre away from it. Then multiple the missiles by quite a bit and, well, you’re nearly there.

Maddeningly addictive this one!

4 – Block Puzzle Jewel

Where would we be without the classic Tetris eh? It’s an oldie but a goodie, and it’s been brought to your smartphone with lots of bright colours and a smooth operation.

Instead of waiting for the blocks to slide down from the top of the screen, you instead drag and drop them into position with your finger from the bottom up, which is strangely satisfying. Drop the blocks to create and then destroy full lines horizontal lines and vertical lines to add to your score.

5 – Finger Driver

Another game which is really easy to pick up. No instructions needed – just use your finger to operate a steering wheel and get your car around a track. It’s one that you can spend a few seconds or minutes on. Just keep the car on the road for as long as you can without crashing.

I’m not usually a big gamer, but one thing I can tell you about the games on my wife’s phone is that they’re really easy to understand and they’ll fill in any downtime you might have very well indeed.