Yack.net – calls, records and transcribes

A new start-up from Newbury has created an application that has been designed to “Capture all forms of conversation” called Yack.net. The concept is that the application allows calls or video chats of up to 6 people to be easily recorded but the contents are transcribed.

“Yack.net was built following the realisation that in every business, people understand things differently or sometimes miss the point. These misunderstandings waste time and create fractured projects and relationships, a problem which is compounded by evermore geographically dispersed teams,” explains Alan Mortis, founder and CEO of Yack.net.

“We believe Yack.net will bring huge added benefits, enabling increased transparency and a more equal distribution of knowledge within SMEs. It makes it easier to keep people in the loop and for others to catch up on discussions. Being able to have cloud-based evidence of who said what means people can be more accountable, avoiding doubts or misunderstandings.

“Our mission is to make businesses more effective by providing simple, searchable access to all data generated by a team,” he adds.

The new platform will be very handy for business meetings, interviews and projects. The ability to record the conversation without someone writing minutes will be very useful to most.