My love for Monkey Island has returned..

Back in the day, and I’m talking way back in the day (anyone remember the Amiga?) I I used to love adventure games. Yes, it was a few years ago, but the graphics were just good enough to make you believe that you were stepping into a different world. You could be someone you weren’t and you could go on quests, solving tasks, puzzles and meeting new characters along the way.

Now it’s all in your pocket. You can even get adventure slot games, but here’s a quick look at some of the adventure games I’ve got hooked into lately. I’d love to hear about yours too.


This one is £2.99 on Android, but I bought it with Google Play credits. It’s all about a character called Kate Walker, who’s on a lawyer on a little trip to a factory. She ends up on an expedition across Europe in an attempt to unlocking the secret of Syberia. It features film-esque footage, puzzles and an intriguing, immersive atmosphere. The graphics are high quality and great characters along the way.

The Room Three

I stumbled over this one after reading the excellent reviews. It’s £3.99 and is packed with incredible puzzles that’ll keep you hooked for ages. It pulls you in by being relatively simple to begin with, and has a simple user interface with a realistic and almost tactile finish to the graphics. An immersive soundtrack and a superb gameplay is guaranteed to keep you hooked.

Secret Files: Tunguska

Another one with excellent reviews, this one is available for £3.59 and is all about a scientist who goes missing. You help his daughter, Nina, to solve lots of riddles and challenges ans you’re chased by Russian intelligence. Again, this one is crammed with stunning graphics, brilliant voices, stacks of locations and some entertaining quests for you to solve.

The Cave

Remember Monkey Island? Well, the creator of that also brings you this. It’s a game which is £2.30 and is sucks you in with an enjoyable and humorous gameplay and some exotic locations to explore. You choose a team of three from seven possible explorers and then head to The Cave.

Those are the ones I’m playing at the moment, but I’d love to hear your recommendations. Do let me know your favourites!