Introducing the GoBag 2

Today (7th November) the GoBag 2 is launched on Kickstarter to follow up on the original GoBag which started life in the same way in 2015 with circa 2500 backers. Whilst not mobile phone related, it does appeal to those who need to cram lots of stuff into a small space, a bag like this can be very useful. The GoBag 2’s design is a fusion of travel bag design and dry-bag technology. The bag has a modular system powered by Velcro that allows the bag to be customised for each trip’s needs, and the built-in vacuum compression bag squeezes every bit of air out of soft gear such as clothing and towels to make more room for everything else.

The fully removable Max Pack dry bag stored within GoBag 2 is a welded bag made from TPU coated nylon which can be compressed by hand (or with a vacuum using the check valve if serious space-saving is needed).

Hypalon is placed over areas of maximum wear like the base, offering the ultimate in abrasion protection and GoBag is constructed from TPU Coated Ballistic Nylon, a waterproof material used to make inflatable power boats. The Full Edge Zip, which runs along the outer edge of the front and side panels, is a 2.5 metre long, durable YKK zip and the pull strings from high tensile strength paracord!

GoBag 2 will be available on Kickstarter from today (7th November 2017).


Early Bird Offer! The first 100 backers will be able to get their GoBag 2 for just £110, a huge 40% off the RRP of £180. Both of these prices will include shipping.