Coolsmartphone Podcast 217 iPhone eKs

The Coolsmartphone Podcast is back to publishing again. This episode, number 217 was recorded on September 26th 2017. It is now available to download from your Podcast Client of choice, listen to here on or watch as an unedited episode on YouTube.

Again, apologises for the delay in the publishing of this episode of the Coolsmartphone Podcast. Our Podcast Editing Jawas decided to engage in industrial action. The concurrent release of the latest Star Wars Episode VIII trailer just made them more conflictual and we ended up being in quite the stand off.

We finally managed to restore the correct order in the Coolsmartphone Empire, through the use of force and have now instilled a healthy fear in the Coolsmartphone Podcast Editing Jawas. Not a “Wootini!” to be heard from their reeducation and forced podcast editing camps. The tightly controlled propaganda around the Coolsmartphone Podcast declares this a viscotry and decrees that you should all go and follow Matteo (@todoleo) and Khellan (@wubanger5) on Twitter.

Until later this week, happy listening!