MS301 Bluetooth Headphones with AptX Low Latency

Today, Mixcder have launched into the UK their latest headphones, namely the MS301 at a very reasonable £69.99 from Amazon. The MS301 take advantage of Bluetooth 4.2 making pairing very fast and easy but with low power consumption, Mixcder have said you can get up to 20 hours worth of listening from the MS301 with its 500mAh battery. The use of the latest Bluetooth technology enables lossless transmission of sound without compression, which is something I notice on other Bluetooth headphones we have tested in the past.

The headphones have a nice looking aluminium ally shell on the outside of the headphone cups which house the 400 mm large-aperture backed dynamic drivers with Mixcder’s advanced APTX-LL technology and something they have called ‘Shock Sound’. The MS301 promises to deliver solid bass, middle and treble to your ears to the extent that Mixcdr offers a 30-day money back offer if you are not happy!