Easy Logger – A hidden mobile tracking app

There’s plenty of monitoring apps out there but, if you want to pay absolutely nothing, the new Easy Logger app might be of interest. It’s for Android and you will need to side-load an APK, but for precisely nothing per month you’ll get full logging of all phone calls and text messages made and received.

Whilst this doesn’t cover instant messaging apps, the free version will let you see whether your child or loved one is perhaps being harassed or is making calls to numbers you don’t approve of.

If you need more, for either $4.50 per month (or $45 per year), you can log deleted calls and texts, application usage and track the location of the phone live. It also has geo-fencing so that you can set a predefined safe area. You can also get a historical view of the locations visited.

Let’s look at the features in detail,

You’ll be able to see who called, who you called and you can even track all this after the call logs are removed. You can see the time, how long the call is and also where the phone was when that call happened. There’s a lot of details to this, and you can see if a call was missed or disconnected by the other party.

Here you can track all the messages you’ve sent and received, and those deleted too. Again, like the calls, you can see where you were when texts were sent or received. Clever huh?

You can see how frequently an app is used, showing memory usage and just how long each app is being used for. There’s also the ability tp receive alerts when apps are installed or removed – including the easy logger itself.

The phone can be tracked completely live, with the call and text usage tracked geographically too. This is all done via a Google Map, so it’s familiar and easy to use. You can even see the historical location and the altitude of the phone

Whilst all this is paid-for, you can get yourself a 1 month free trial key with us here. Just whack in TRIALONEM to give it a spin. The full version has a friendly online cloud control panel which lets you manage multiple devices. It’s here that you can also export logs, check the latest information and see what’s happening on the phone.

The app is undetectable on the phone and you can manage it via a passcode or through that online control panel. Everything is discrete and you only get to access it on the phone via a secret code. Plus, despite it sending data to an online control panel, only a minimal amount of security information is passed to the cloud. As an example, only the IMEI is used for call and text logs, and only app usage statistics are uploaded – not information from inside the app.

The app is also designed not to drain the battery and data is sent in a compressed form to keep data usage to a minimum too. GIve it a try and find out more here.