Huawei set the launch date for the Mate 10 Pro

Hauwai has now released the launch date for the Mate 10 Pro, and it is coming very soon.
We have been lucky enough to get our hands on with the Mate 10 Pro from Huawei, and the good news is that if you to want to get one of these, then it will be coming to a Three store near you very soon. In fact, it will be available to buy on the 17th of November.

It will also be available at Carphone Warehouse stores on the same date. If you pre-order now and are one of the first 300 to do, so then you will get a free £300 Moleskin Smart writing kit.

Get a FREE Moleskine smartwriting set worth £300

When you buy the new Huawei Mate 10 Pro on selected pay monthly or upgrade deals or SIM free. Limited to the first 300 purchases.

Get a paper tablet notebook, smart pen and exclusive clutch with Huawei Mate 10 Pro. You can write or sketch colourful ideas and notes and watch them stream live to your mobile device after. Replay, translate handwriting to text, add voice recordings and share your creation via e-mail, PDF or social media. Its not magic, its smart!

The free Moleskine smartwriting set will appear in the basket with your chosen pay monthly or upgrade deal, once checkout is complete it will be delivered to you with your new phone! If you purchase the handset SIM free, the smartwriting set will not appear in your basket but will be delivered separately from the handset within 14 days, while stock lasts

The price of this is very good, sitting at a pleasing £699. For that, you will get what is going to be one of the best Android phones of the year if my first impressions of using the device are anything to go by.
I have been very impressed with what you get in the package that this phone offered, and although the review is still very much in progress (it will be ready in a few weeks), I can honestly say I have been blown away by the phone so far. I would actively encourage you to have a read of my unboxing article that went live about  2 weeks ago.

Will you be picking up a Mate 10 Pro when it goes out on sale? If so then let us know in the comments below!