Android? Or an iPhone? Seriously, do you really want to know?

In February next year it’ll be exactly 15 years since this website came into being. I was, for many months before that, writing all this stuff on another domain. A free stick of chewing gum if you remember that far back.

If I’m honest, after you’ve seen the insanity of the mobile market and the sometimes painfully short lifespan that brands, manufacturers and operating systems have, it sends you a bit crazy.

Well. It’s either that or it’s the 192 battery packs, Bluetooth speakers, headphones and random gadgets I’ve reviewed in the last year. Yes. Maybe that.

No, wait. I know what it is. It’s when people get to know you as “the guy that knows about phones” and they ask you that question. You know the question. The question. The only question..

“Which is better really? iPhone or Android?”



Pfff…  well.. late last night the video below was sent to me and, as I was mid-way through a review, it generally hit the spot and answered the question.

I don’t experience it a great deal personally, but there’s a definite air of fanboyism with the Android and iOS operating systems. Both have their strengths, both have their weaknesses, but for the majority of people – unless you’ve used and locked yourself into an ecosystem quite heavily – it really doesn’t matter which OS you go for.

So that brings me to the video. It’s by someone called Marc Rebillet and contains lots of swearing and a bit of vulgarity, but I think it’ll be my default response the next time someone asks me that question.