BT Broadband customer? Fancy a brilliant SIM Only deal? Listen up!

When I get home and do a scan of the surrounding WiFi hotspots, it’s pretty apparent that a huge amount of my neighbours have gone with BT Broadband. If that’s you, this post is perfect if you’re ready to switch to SIM only.

BT, as you may or may not know, now own EE. If you choose BT for your mobile network then you’re going to receive all the EE goodness. The same coverage, the same speeds.

However, if you’ve got BT for your home internet, you can get a discounted rate on their mobile plans.

Take, for example, their current offer which delivers 20GB of monthly data. I’ll be honest, it’s one that the BT PR people have given us a special link for, and you may not find this one on their site, but their SIM-only deal for BT Broadband customers now delivers all that data at “extra speed” for just £16 per month. Everything else is unlimited (calls, texts) and you get unlimited access to BT WiFi too. Not only that, but if you do use this special link, there’s a £100 iTunes of Amazon gift card AND BT Sport too.

No bad eh? Sure, non-customers can get it too, but the price is £21.

Other deals include 6GB with unlimited everything else for £12 per month and 3GB with unlimited everything for £9 per month.

Honestly, if you’ve got BT Broadband in your house and you use a lot of data on your phone, this is a no-brainer.