An interesting way to use your smartphone

Pretty much everybody reading this will be using their smartphone in exactly the same way. You’ll be scrolling down the screen with your finger or thumb. Standard.

However, you can hook up a range of both wired and wireless (Bluetooth) kit to let you interact in an arguably better way. A keyboard, a mouse and so on.

Ryan Reith spotted this rather cool-looking dude on the Tokyo subway, casually using a USB scroll mouse plugged into his Android phone to scroll up and down through email.

What’s your thoughts? Brilliant or bizarre? To be honest, larger (6″ or more) screens are very popular over there, so using them one-handed can be incredibly difficult. Perhaps a small Bluetooth mouse, stashed in your pocket, could also work.. or maybe a trackball device? That’d be quite cool I think.

Here’s how you can get it working too..