The Tamagotchi returns!

Every once in a while there seems to be a game, gadget or accessory that captures the imagination with kids and becomes a “fad”. Fidget spinners, remember them? Well, many, many years prior to those there was something called a Tamagotchi. It was basically a small digital pet that you had to take care of. The PR people who’ve emailed me about this call it a “pixelated LCD charm needing tender-loving-care”.

Nowadays you can download an Android or iPhone version but, if you want the old-school memories, you’ll be able to buy one from Toys R Us and other big toy stores for £9.99.

The mini Tamagotchi has six different designs and comes in the “iconic packaging design of the original device”, so you can perhaps marvel at the packaging before chucking it in the bin.

Bandai UK sent us a comment, which is as follow. Apologies in advance…

For many Generation X kids, the Tamagotchi device can be considered the first and favourite digital pet. The enduring
power of Tamagotchi is its clear expression that nurturing and love never goes out of style. It’s such an honour to bring back one of the most beloved toys in a way that captures the magic and joy of a generation while embracing the sensibilities of new generations.

So yeah. Go and get one of these, show it to the youth of today, they’ll laugh at you, then you’ll spend 10 minutes playing with it before it goes into a random cupboard and you go back to your smartphone. 🙂