Avanca introduce the True Wireless Minim Earbuds

Avanca is a Dutch manufacturer of a wide range of earbud systems and they have announced today the UK launch of the True Wireless Minim Earbuds which cost a very reasonable £89. The earbuds use CSR Bluetooth 4.2 which is part of the design to drive better sound over the wireless technology with passive noise cancellation.

Avanca claims the earbuds have up to 12 hours of music playback, which would be perfect for long commutes with no dip in quality.

The earbuds do come with a microphone with cVo technology with a single touch panel for calls and digital assistant connections. Get access to Siri, Google or Cortana with a single click of an earbud! Very futuristic.

The earbuds are available from Amazon now and we will have a sample to test soon.

If you’re interested in these, head to the Amazon product page for more details.