Three – Free in-store sign language for customers.

UK mobile provider Three have launched an innovative service to for deaf customers thanks to a partnership with Sign Solutions. The company will now be able to provide sign language to deaf and hard of hearing customers to who seek in-store support. This is something that is initially being piloted in four stores across the UK.

This isn’t a totally new concept for Three, as they’ve had a service on the Three website which has enabled support via a British Sign Language (BSL) interpreter for over three years. This is done through thewebcam, tablet or mobile device.

Customers can connect with in-store staff via a video connection which connects them to an interpreter.  The interpreter then relays customers’ questions to members of staff, who can support their purchases and customer services inquiries. This is done in real time, there and then, giving a personal touch.

Those four stores piloting the scheme are..

  • London White City – Unit 1152 White City, Westfield London Shopping Centre.
  • Burnley – 35 The Mall.
  • Cardiff – 9A Capitol Shopping Centre.
  • Liverpool – 60 Church Street.

Steven Cocker, Head of Executive Office Operations at Three UK, tells us..

This pilot extends on our commitment to give all of our customers the best possible experience with Three. This means providing the support needed to make our products and services accessible for everyone. We introduced Video Relay for customers online three years ago and are excited to be able to build on this service in-store.

This just shows how technology in the right way can benefit people in their everyday lives. Top work Three! Let’s just hope it rolls out to more stores soon.