Coolsmartphone Podcast 214 Late Rumours

Podcasting Elves, not really an issue any more. We had to make the difficult decision to give them some odd socks we had lying around and set them free. We are now outsourcing the editing of the Coolsmartphone Podcast to some Jawas who lurk under the bridge near Coolsmartphone Towers. Please let us know how you find episode 214 of the Coolsmartphone Podcast, since the Jawa editing team aren’t very good at understanding our instructions.

Coolsmartphone Podcast 214 Late Rumours is now available to download on your podcast client of choice and listen to here on the website. If you want to enjoy Khellan and Matteo’s bloopers, the unedited recording is available on YouTube too. As usual the hosts of this episode are happy to interact with you replying with GIFs, so don’t hold back your tweets:

We will release episode 215 of the Coolsmartphone Podcast in the next few days, so it might be worth taking the dog for an extra long walk or taking the rowing machine at the gym a bit more often. Happy listening!