LG V30 Arrives. Get all the details.

How does a phone with a 6″ screen sound? How about one with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 CPU and 4GB of RAM? What about the 64GB of storage with a microSD slot? Sounding promising?

Welcome, then, the new LG V30, announced just this morning.

It’s one that has already appeared in leaked shots here on Coolsmartphone and it’sanother handset with an 18:9 screen. This one packs a QuadHD+ OLED 2880 x 1440 6 incher at 538ppi. Nice. That’s a first. This comes with a “Cine Video” mode for producing movie-quality videos and you get top-end sound with advanced Hi-Fi Quad DAC audio courtesy of B&O PLAY. The provided headphones come from the same company.

In addition, there’ll be an uprated V30+ which has the same memory but 128GB of on board storage which can still be boosted with the microSD slot.

Around back there’s confirmation of that trick camera setup. A 16 megapixel camera has the first f1.6 aperture, and there’s a Crystal Clear Lens. This sits next to a wide angle 13 megapixel f1.9 camera. Up front you can find a 5 megapixel f2.2 camera which is also wide angle so you can get group shots in.

Other details include the Android 7.1.2 OS and it is powered by a 3,300mAh battery. It measures in at 151.7 x 75.4 x 7.3mm and weighs just 158g. Redirect NFC, WiFi, 4G and Bluetooth 5.0 too. It comes with face recognition, an always-on display and the Quick Charge 3.0 technology will see it charge up from nothing to 50 % in 30 minutes

In detail..

The main camera f1.6 aperture camera delivers more light, so you get brighter, more dynamic shots. The Crystal Clear Lens, which is glass, is said to give you “more accurate colours and clearer images than a plastic lens”. Presumably it’d scratch less too. Meanwhile, the second lens lets you take those wide angle shots with less distortion.

The Cine Video adds “cinematic hues” from “various movie genres” so you can walk around and become a master movie maker. The “Point Zoom” feature means that you can smoothly zoom into objects, no matter where they may be in your preview frame. In addition, the “Cine Effect” adds 15 movie-like presets, such as “romantic comedy, summer blockbuster, mystery, thriller and classic movie”.

The camera also has a manual mode and there’s “Graphy”, to add your own style and mood to a photo. This will let you set the white balance, shutter speed, aperture and ISO quickly and easily. LG have also made Google Assistant work with their camera tech, so you can say things like “Ok Google, take a wide angle selfie” or “Ok Google, take a romantic Cine Video”. Not only that, but if you’ve got any of the clever LG home kit (like an applicable LG washing machine, refrigerator, oven etc), you can say, “Ok Google, talk to LG to wash my clothes”.

As for when you can get this phone, well, we’ve not had any European networks approaching us just yet, but LG tell us that it will arrive in Europe. First though, South Korea will see the phone on sale from September 21st, then “key markets” in North America, Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. It will be available in black, silver, blue and “Lavender Violet”.

More details in the press release below…