It’s Friday, here’s an advert

It’s Friday. Friday at last.

Last night, whilst randomly looking for a YouTube video (and I’ll be honest, I was trying to find some Leslie Chow clips because I’m a bit bonkers), an advert appeared before the video. You know the sort, it’s one of the many YouTube pre-rolls that might or might not be skippable after a few seconds.

Anyhow. It was an advert for CM Launcher 3D. This has had about 3.7 million 5 star reviews on Google Play, so I’m guessing it’s quite good.

Trouble is, the advert IS NOT GOOD. Dear Lord. Drink this in..

Yeah. That was definitely out there. Memorable. Definitely. Perhaps that’s what they wanted. Gah.. clever.

Perhaps I should tell you about the app then? Well.. no. I won’t. I’ve just posted a big fat, weird advert for it. Pah!

Yellow trousers. Yellow bloody trousers. Who wears yellow trousers?