Gaming with Android and Windows, Mobile? PGS has an update.

Yes people, I’m learning the Daily Mail-style of click-bait again, in the vein hope that we’ll have enough advertising revenue to pay for the servers this month (sadly, ad-blocking is killing our revenue).

OK, long story short. Imagine you want to create a Portable Gaming System. Something running Android and Windows 10. A device that can play all your Android games plus all those super-powerful PC games too. This is where PGS Lab come in. They’ve got two versions of their PGS device. A PGS “Hardcore” with a 6″ Full HD IPS 1920×1080 screen and a PGS “Lite” with a 5.5″ 720p HD IPS 1280×720 screen. Both are to have powerful CPU’s and high-end GPU’s for all the gaming needs. The “Hardcore” version gets more memory (8GB) compared to the 4GB in the “Lite” version. There’s also more storage, a more powerful battery and extra enhancements.

The people behind the project, which has raised some $1.6m, have run into a few issues though. Initially they were promising a Q2 2017 release, but this has since flown by. We’ve been contacted by the company, who have pointed us to this blog post explaining the problems. They state that issues began from the get-go when they approached the people who developed this, the XpPhone, to assist in building the PGS console…

PGS Lab tell us that they “turned out to be scammers” who instead tried to create another product utilising the PGS resources. The blog then details their efforts to have the device manufactured, and they appear to have sent “agents” to Japan, Taiwan and China. However, many companies shied away from the task, stating that the project was either too risky or too difficult. Eventually, in China, they located a partner and a group of experienced gaming hardware developers to take on the task, but this has all taken time and has pushed back their release date quite significantly. The company now tells us that…

.. the commercial release of the product is now scheduled for the first quarter of 2018.

Due to the slippage, different internals are now being looked at, but it won’t change the end product too substantially by the sounds of it. They’ve also had to miss E3.

They finish the statement by apologising to all those who’ve invested in the project, and are offering up a full refund to anybody who wants it.

No more bullshit.

..they tell us. They also have updates on Twitter and we’ve received lots of these pictures of their logo, as you can see below..