Flic – Smartbutton Review

Last year we had a play with the flic buttons for the first time, now we take another look to see how they have changed.

The conversation went something like this

Ian, would you like to review a button?

A button?

Yes but it’s a smart-button.

Oooo a smart-button well why didn’t you say, so after a few days the Flic smart-button arrived at Coolsmartphone towers for review,

What’s the Flic smart-button? Well it’s a small button sized, button that you connect to your smartphone (either IOS or Android), and then by using the Flic app, you can program the click, double click, and click and hold actions, to do several different tasks, there are more than 50 actions available to choose from including phone actions like making a call, hanging up a call, sending a pre-written text message, etc. You can also click a button to send an email, tweet, navigate to a preselected address, set an alarm, snooze an alarm,  combine this with the ITFF service and there are many more actions that can be completed.


To use either version of the Flic button, you will first need to install the Flic iOS or Android app and create an account through the app. Once that is done, you can start adding the Flic buttons to the app. Adding additional buttons is very easy because all you have to do is just click the Flic button and the app does the rest. There’s no switching between WiFi access points, typing in of Bluetooth pairing codes or any nonsense like that. It’s just a fast and easy click and then wait for confirmation. Once you’ve added a button to the app, then you can program the click, double click, and click and hold actions.


The Flic button is powered by a replaceable battery that Flic states will last for approximately 2 yrs, and also supplied is a clip that allows you to attach the Flic to clothing etc.



When I first got my hands on the Flic, I was a little dubious if it was a product I would use or like, but once I mounted the button in my car and set it up, to play/pause fast forward my Pocket Casts app and read out my last text message, I was hooked, when I get in my car my phone is put in the boot, to stop me being distracted but I can control what I need, and if I need to change the parameters I can do this from the app ready for my next journey.

Flic wireless smart buttons are easy to setup and fun to program. As long as you don’t mind the price as they are a little expensive, ranging from £19.99 and £29.99 depending which colour you order.

Your smartphone containing the Flic app has to be within a range of the Flic buttons for them to work, I find the Flic buttons to be a great alternative to using my phone to control my IoT devices.