Broken phone? How about fixing it yourself then?

So, your phone breaks. You’ve got no insurance. You have to pay a fortune to fix it, right?

Well, yes.

Even if you’ve got insurance you’ll still need to pay for the excess, and that can increase wildly depending on who the insurance is with, what you’ve done to it and what type of phone you have.

Now SOSav and Captain Repair are launching here in the UK and their idea is pretty simple. You can either have someone come and fix your phone at your home, work or even in your lunch break. Or, what you can do instead, is buy the bits you need and, via the magic of their in-depth how-to videos, you can learn how to fix the thing yourself. End result (if you do it right) is a cheaper repair and a big fat smile for doing it yourself!

The company tell us that they have..

A.. free repair guides created by our technical experts, and designed to guide anyone through the steps to a successful repair. SOSAV is also an e-shop with more than 4500 products in stock, providing all the high-quality spare parts and tools required to perform an easy and cheap repair.

Meanwhile the “Captain Repair” side of the business is a group of over 300 certified mobile repairers who can come out and do the fix for you.

Sounds like a good plan, however I’m still not fully confident in my own phone-fixing skills, even if it is cheaper. I always tend to end up with “extra bits” even when I’m putting Ikea furniture together! ­čśë