Amazon Prime Day upon us with lots of price reductions

For Amazon Prime subscribers a day of online retail therapy has now begun.  Lasting until midnight to are a variety of deals only available to those with a Prime subscription.  As a reminder, Prime costs £79.99 a year, or £7.99 a month, and includes free shipping, TV instant video service, Kindle library, music streaming service and various other benefits.  All in all it is a very useful and cost-effective package.  For those with Prime, or those who are tempted but wavering, the following deals apply:

Amazon Echo down £70 to £79.99

Kindle Paperwhite down £30 to £79.99

Kindle Voyager down £40 to £169.99

Fire 7 Tablet down to £29.99

Fire 7 Kids Edition down to £69.99

Fire 8 HD Tablet down to £49.99

Fire 8 HD Kids Tablet down to £89.99

There are various other Amazon products discounted, including Fire TV and the Dash buttons, as well as thousands of other products.  For further details click here – just remember that everything ends at midnight tonight…