Coolsmartphone Podcast 211 Like A G6

The Podcast Editing Elves were naughty little Elves last week. It seems they rushed the recording and editing of the Coolsmartphone Podcast episode 210 and audio levels were horribly low. We apologise on their behalf and can assure you that they will be punished accordingly. Well, this week they made up for it and managed to prepare episode 211 earlier in the week. We have Coolsmartphone Podcast Episode 211 Like A G6 ready to download on your podcast client of choice, listen to here on or watch on YouTube. As always, the YouTube version is a live recording and includes bonus bloopers.

M&M, Majid and Matteo, discussed various smartphones and tech stories. Interestingly they have both decided to keep thier LG G6s. Great phones. There was also quite a bit of network news, including Three’s Go Binge.

Hey Three UK! Yes, we know you listen to the Coolsmartphone Podcast. We would like to have the Coolsmartphone Podcast and zero rated on Go Binge. Would you like to talk to us about it? Yes? Great, just get in touch with us like all the listeners who keep the conversation going even after Coolsmartphone Podcast recording: on Twitter…

Until the next episode of the Coolsmartphone Podcast, happy listening!

Coolsmartphone Podcast 211 Like A G6

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