Marcher – Malware Alert

Malware on Android is becoming more popular every month due to the complex nature of the Android vendor model with some many variants, unlike Apple. Marcher is a trojan that is designed to steal your financial details by masquerading as an Adobe Flash update.

How the malware is installed is through malicious adverts that pop up on your phone usually through free applications. advertisements have been attributed to redirecting users to the malicious links where the user will be told their Flash player is out of date. The user will then download a file called “Adobe_Flash_2016.apk” and then install the infected application. Any smart user of Android knows to disable “Unknown Sources” therefore they are safe from infection.

For those unfortunate few who are infected, the application overlays your banking applications and other financial applications such as PayPal in order to collect your details. Furthermore, your infected device will be registered as part of a botnet and send your details to a Command and Control (C&C) center.

Here at Coolsmartphone Towers do recommend disabling “Unknown Sources” and using a recognised anti-virus system on your device.