Tesco Mobile cut roaming charges in 48 destinations

Here in the UK we’ve had our fair share of elections and referendums. Nobody seems to be in control and #Brexit is slowly turning into a bit of a mess.

No worries though, because we’re still part of the EU, and the good thing about that is that, from tomorrow, you’ll be able to use your phone within the EU at NO EXTRA COST.

All networks across the EU have to ensure that costs are the same, no matter which EU country are in. It must not cost more than it does in your home country, for data, texts and calls.

Some networks are adding a few other countries. Tesco Mobile are scrapping roaming charges for a total of 48 destinations, including a number of countries outside the EU – Jersey, Monaco, Guernsey, Switzerland, Isle of Man and Gibraltar.

As usual, you’ll receive a text message when you land or drive into a new country, but it’ll simply confirm that you can use your mobile just as you would at home. Boom.

Head to Tesco Mobile for more info or to sign up.