Coolsmartphone Podcast 206 Live

This week Greg and Matteo are joined by a very special guest. This special guest joins us, thanks to the magic of the Internet, from far far away. How far away you ask? Well, you know that Atlantic Ocean thing? If you want to visit him you need to cross it. Once you get to the other side, you need to cross a continent and you’ll be in the area, give or take a few hundred miles. Our special guest this week is Tony Hannides, Co-Founder and Editor In-Chief of Lazy Tech TV.

This week, with our special guest, we will be talking of the tech news which is Microsoft heavy. We may also mention some of the ripples coming at us from Google I/O last week. In this episode we gain some extra perspective from the United States of America, just to balance things out a bit. We will be live here on and on YouTube.

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The edited episode will be available later this week.

Coolsmartphone Podcast 206 Live

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