Nissan release a phone killer

You’re driving. The phone beeps. You know you’ve received a notification. It could be something important. It could be about those jeans you ordered, or it could be a Facebook update from someone about a burger they’ve just eaten.

You’ll never know, because you’re driving….

..but you just have to find out. Don’t you? You need to know if it was unimportant or just totally unimportant.

So you pick up the phone, enter your unlock code, head into messages and then… you’ve just smashed into a row of cars and caused untold carnage.

You shouldn’t use it. We know that. However, people are using their phones at the wheel and, with smartphones replacing the traditional satnav, there’s still tenuous reasons for having one right next to you.

However, despite the fact that we could activate flight mode before driving a car, Nissan have come up with a rather old-school approach to totally disable your phone. It uses a prototype storage compartment inside their “Juke” which is lined with a Faraday cage. It’s similar to those steel-constructed supermarkets that are now getting built on stilts (my wife can never get a signal at Tesco) and blocks all signals once the phone is inside.

Nissan call this a “Signal Shield”. They have created this after research revealed that the average mobile phone user checks their device 85 times a day.

Here’s a video demonstrating the Signal Shield concept…

Pete Williams, who’s the RAC road safety spokesman, tells us..

Our research shows that handheld phone use by drivers has reached epidemic proportions. As mobile phone technology has advanced significantly many people have become addicted to them. However, the use of a handheld phone when driving represents both a physical and mental distraction and it has been illegal since 2003.

A Faraday cage is named after the English scientist Michael Faraday, and was invented first in 1836. It will cancel out radio waves and stops your phone from receiving or sending calls, texts and data.

Whilst I can see the thinking behind this, it also means that you can’t use your phone as a satnav and you won’t be able to make or receive any calls through a car kit or Bluetooth headset.