The Echo Look – An outfit decider

The Echo Look   An outfit decider

My wife can change into several different outfits before deciding in the right one. I’m usually the one who’s asked to help in this decision making, bit despite my advice she’ll change another few times anyway. However, Amazon are looking to replace me with this, the “Echo Look” camera.

If you’ve already got Alexa on an Amazon Echo, this new device will effectively give Alexa eyes into your bedroom too.

The Echo Look   An outfit decider

…. And that’s where I start to worry really.

An always on, internet connected camera in the room where you try on clothes. What could go wrong?

Everything really.

Whilst there is a button on the side to turn off the camera, it’s remembering to do that which could be tricky.

The webcam can respond when you stand in front of it and ask “Alexa, how do I look?” It has a speaker built in and a depth-sensing camera plus LED lights. This means that it can hear, see, respond and let you share photos and videos.

The Amazon “Style Check” will “combine machine learning algorithms with advice from fashion specialists” so that you and it can decide on the most appropriate outfit.

The product is showing for $199.99 by invitation only on the Amazon US site and it’s obviously going to hook into an Amazon fashion store too. It could also mean a reduction in exchanges and returns as clothes will hopefully be more appropriate and will fit better.

Clothing and styles will also be suggested to you based on what you wear using an “Inspired by your look” system.

Although Amazon are keen to a promote their privacy policies, let’s just hope that nobody figures out how to hack into the camera while you’re getting changed….