HawkEye – A secure charging solution for your smartphone

If you’re travelling then you’ll no doubt need to charge your phone pretty often, sometimes in places which aren’t overly secure. In a coffee shop, in an airport or on a plane. Thing is, after you’ve charged up and unplugged your phone, you might remember the phone but forget the cable or your portable charger.

This then, the HawkEye, serves two purposes. It’ll make a beeping noise if you unplug it, serving as a reminder to take the cable and portable charger with you. Secondly, it serves as a security device, so if someone unplugs it then it’ll beep.

Using it is pretty simple. It’s a small adapter that attaches to any USB cable to monitor your charging cable and anything that is connected to it. Any cable will work – it just plug into your USB charger and then plug your cable in the other side. Two green lights will illuminate and a small LED will also light up. If you unplug the whole unit from the powered USB input then it won’t alarm, which is how you’d want it really. However, if you remove your phone or the cable itself then the red LED will flash and a small sounded will beep.

It’s all very easy to use and, although that alarm sound isn’t overly loud, it’ll be loud enough to grab your attention. Pressing the button on the HawkEye activates the alarm.

When alarmed it’ll sound when you unplug your phone. This indicates that your phone as either been taken or you’ve walked off with your phone and forgotten the cable.

To be honest it’s super simple. If you’ve ever forgotten a cable or your charger, this could be useful. However, if you’re a regular traveller then you can imagine what a pain it is to leave a cable and possibly the charger or portable battery in a hotel room or a cafe somewhere. When you arrive at your next stop, you’re going to have a flat phone and absolutely no way of charging it. All those missed calls, those missed emails, those missed calendar appointments.

Want more information? Head to the Powerstick website for further details. Each one costs $14.