Dodge those RPI contract increases with Tesco Mobile

A lot of you may have received a text message from your network recently. I know I have. On my Vodafone plan I’ve received this text which pushes my bill up by 3.2%. This, if you check your payslip, will probably be way higher than your most recent pay review.

Dodge those RPI contract increases with Tesco Mobile

EE are raising their prices by 2.5% and O2 are set to increase their prices too.

Why? Well, the networks do this because they claim that prices need to be adjusted to match inflation. They use the Retail Price Index, and although a 3.2% rise may “only” mean a 54p rise on a £17 per-month plan, it all adds up. Now, I work at bet365 and on the way into Stoke this morning I popped into Tesco for the regulation doughnuts that seem to be essential for a Friday. In there I noticed that Tesco Mobile AREN’T changing their contract prices. If you’re with them, there’s no mid-contract price rises and the price you sign up to is the price you’ll continue to pay for the life of the contract.

So, if you’re looking for certainty, check the Tesco Tariff Promise. They use O2 as the parent network, so if you want the O2 coverage without the price rises, they’re certainly worth a look. Of course, if you want to go SIM-only and you’re looking for even more simplicity, it’s worth checking out the other O2 MVNO, giffgaff.

Tesco Mobile are currently promoting their Family Perks plan, which rewards people for having members of their family on the same account. I like this ad because the exploding food mixture sends my wife’s OCD off the scale 🙂

Each person can choose their own Family Perk which is delivered free each month. The selected “Perk” can be changed through the “My Account” section and you can choose from …

  • Up to 1GB extra data every month
  • Up to 500 extra minutes to any UK network every month
  • Up to 500 extra Tesco Mobile minutes every month
  • Up to £2 off your bill every month
  • Up to 200 extra Clubcard points every month

If you join any of the Tesco Mobile pay monthly tariffs, including SIM only, and have two or more contracts on the same account you can choose your Family Perks when you check out. There’s a maximum of five and… I guess… you don’t strictly have to be a family. They certainly don’t ask for any birth certificates or evidence from what I can see.

If you recently joined Tesco Mobile and started a contract after January 31st, you can add one or more contracts to your account and each contract will get a free monthly Family Perk.

Right, here’s the video that sends my wife crazy. “AGH! The mess! The mess!!” 🙂