Elretron wants you take you back in time

Pah, modern technology. Who needs that eh? The guys at Elretron want you to take a journey back to the age of typewriters, when we had mechanical keyboards that went “Clack, Clack, Clack”.

They’re just about to put their idea on Kickstarter and pricing is said to be $79 for an earlybird buyer or $99 for a normal buyer. The retro vintage mechanical keyboards will be launched on the site in April with the “Penna” being their first product. It features a macro functionality, “sentence memory”, a 5-device Bluetooth memory and it’ll run for 6 months on 2 AA batteries.

The plan is to launch 4 colours – matt black, baby pink, olive green and pure white. There will also be two types of keycaps – chrome or diamond-shaped ones. There’s even a bar on the side of the keyboard to record macros and words.

Elretron tell us..

Ever seen slim and glittering mobile phone or tablets with a keyboard that fits the desk perfectly?

Probably not. We’ve been waiting long for a beautiful keyboard, and when we couldn’t any more, we started this project to make what we wanted

More beautiful design than even mobile phone itself, design that embraces retro styling, the feeling of mechanical keyboard, keycaps to reduce typos dramatically, multipairing for many devices, and even availability of macro for setting keys at your will,

We, ELRETRON INC, are finally introducing PENNA, our dream come true that took three years in the making

Interesting idea this, and you can see how a tablet or handset can be propped up in the device, but I’d love to know if this is enough to tempt you away from your ultra-mobile swiping and on-screen keyboard-pressing. In the office it would look all-kinds of cool though 🙂

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