Coolsmartphone Podcast 197 Live

This week you can watch Matteo, Garry and Majid live as they record the Coolsmartphone Podcast. Coolsmartphone Podcast 197 Live will be available as a live stream embedded here and on YouTube.

The show will start at 8pm UK Time-ish. While Matteo tries to avoid the trigger words to all his home assistants, would you like to be part of the conversation? Well, just tweet at us during the show

Matteo – @todoleo

todoleoGarry – @bengrendon

Majid – @TheMajeedo

Coolsmartphone Podcast – @CSP_Podcast

The edited version of episode 197 of the Coolsmartphone Podcast will be released later this week. The elves should do their magic in a more timely manner this week, we’re hoping to have it available to download by the weekend.

Do you have feedback for us? Would you like to suggest something? Please message us on Twitter and we’ll be happy to listen.