Tesco Mobile to deliver money-saving perks to families

A refreshed Family Perks scheme has been launched on Tesco Mobile here in the UK today. It means that, if you get your family together on one bill, you can choose perks for each member. Those perks include free minutes, data or Tesco Clubcard points.

Using the O2 network, you can cap monthly mobile spend on every contract in the household and it’ll mean that the family shop is a bit cheaper with all the additional Clubcard points you can earn. Collectively a family can benefit from up to 12,000 Clubcard points or 60GB of additional data in a year, whatever suits you really. Each member of the family can choose their own perk and can benefit from individual allowances. Additional SIMs can be added on at any time and you can fully manage and change Family Perks in the “My Account” page on the Tesco Mobile website or via the Tesco Mobile app.

Tesco have sent us a lovely table showing how those Family Perks work out..

Monthly payment per SIM Up to £9.99 £10.00 – £25.00 Over £25.00
Choose your free monthly Family Perk from…
Extra data 250MB 500MB 1GB
Extra minutes 150 250 500
Extra Tesco Mobile minutes 500 500 500
Extra Clubcard points 50 100 200
Money off your bill 50p £1 £2

If you’re interested, head across to the Tesco Mobile website for more detail.