Coolsmartphone Podcast 196 It’s Echoey In Scotland

Another week has passed and our Podcast Editing Elves have delivered again: Coolsmartphone Podcast 196 It’s Echoey In Scotland is now available to download from your podcast client of choice. Do you prefer the web player here on We have you covered. Do you prefer the live recording with veideo of our radio faces? You can watch on the embedded video or on YouTube, because we give you choices.

This week Matteo, Greg and Garry got together to discuss rumours about the upcoming flagships from LG and Samsung. With Greg and Matteo on it was just a querstion of time before Matteo asked Greg if he had used an obscure Android brand, and the response was standard. We also touched on Apple’s financial performance briefly and what this may mean for the wider market.

Apologies to those watching the live stream, we had some technical difficulties at the beginning. When we say we, it was actually Garry, but we’ll let him off with it because we are nice.

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We hope you enjoy this week’s episode Coolsmartphone Podcast 196 It’s Echoey In Scotland. We’ll be back later this week with a live recording. Until then, cheerio!