Adidas miCoach crosses the finish line

Adidas miCoach crosses the finish line

Members of the Adidas miCoach community have started receiving emails informing them that the service is no more. They are “passing the baton to Runtastic” and won’t be updating their existing website nor the Trail and Run apps. With the service finally shutting down for good on 31 December 2018.

With Runtastic joining the adidas family, we’re excited to be able to offer you a FREE PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP to their platform and apps to help you keep your training on track – and make 2017 your fittest year yet.

Adidas purchased Runtastic in 2015 for a reported $220 million (£153 million) and clearly had no long term plans to run both services side by side. It make sense for Adidas to merge the platforms together, although miCoach is a good service, Runtastic is by far the larger brand.

There is no great rush though, users will have until December next year to keep using miCoach if they so wish. Although there will be no new memberships available, you will be directed straight to the new platform. Runtastic allows you to set all sorts of running goals as well as compete with friends.

If you are perfectly happy, and want to get cracking on transferring your data and see what Runtastic has to offer you can drive right in. A new Runtastic account is needed, but providing you link your old miCoach account most data will be transferred.

Adidas miCoach crosses the finish line

Unfortunately there is no facility available to transfer your miCoach training plan to Runtastic, whereas all of your personal information will be moved over. If you are a miCoach user and want to know more about your options in transitioning there is a full FAQ available here.

There are rumours of a new Adidas wearable dubbed the Chameleon, aimed at the fashion fitness tracker market that is expected later this year. So expect Adidas to push Runtastic with all their future endeavours.