Mario Run Update: Find The Golden Goombas

Mario Run Update: Find The Golden Goombas

Since launching a few months ago, Mario Run has been a run away success on iOS. Despite Nintendo not being entirely happy with the revenue created, the game has been downloaded more than 90million times, with more than 2.5million on the first day.

An estimated 3 million people have bought the in-app purchase and unlocked the full game and now Nintendo search for more. Trying to add in a reason for a larger chunk of those 90million people to spend money on the single in app purchase available. With the latest update, Nintendo activated a Golden Goombas event that runs from February 1st to the 20th.

Goombas /ˈɡuːmbɑː/, known in Japan as Kuribo (クリボー Kuribō ?, ku͍.ɽi.boː), are a species of sentient mushrooms from Nintendo’s Mario franchise. They first appeared in the NES video game Super Mario Bros. as the first enemy players encounter.

When opening the game now you will see Golden Goombas spread throughout the levels. Some only feature one, while others have up to three in a level. Which level they are located on, and how many are there is pointed out on the home screen, so you won’t have to search each level.

Mario Run Update: Find The Golden Goombas

However they do move around each level and are often pretty difficult to stomp on, but if you do you will receive 30 coins and a stamp on your card. If you manage to get 20 stamps, you will receive a Golden Goomba statue for your kingdom. Go on to squash three more, and you’ll be given a giant Golden Goomba statue!

Don’t forget you only have until February 20th to squash all of those those Golden Goomba, so get cracking! The update also features an easy mode that will let you complete a level with unlimited time and bubbles. As well as:

• Compatibility with Korean

• Easier to gather Toads in Toad Rally

• No limit on how many times a Toad can be downloaded

• Other issues Nintendo has managed to fix