Coolsmartphone Podcast 195 A Late K&M Show

It’s been a while. It’s been a while since we recorded this episoide of the Coolsmartphone Podcast. We’ve had some issues editing and preparing the episode because Matteo was busy in the US of A, but we are finally publishing the Coolsmartphone Podcast 195 A Late K&M Show.

As usual for 2017 so far Khellan and Matteo got together to discuss the week in tech and mobile, with a few rambles off the beaten track (it’s to be expected…). You can now download the podcast from your client of choice, listen here on the Coolsmartphone website while furiously clicking on ads, or even watch the live recording on Youtube. We give you a breadth of options, because we know you can make all the difficult decisions well.

Want to keep the conversation going? Tweet at Matteo (@todoleo), Khellan (@wubanger5) or the Coolsmartphone Podcast itself (@CSP_Podcast) to let us know your thoughts.

Man, the word count on this article was only at 149 before I started this paragraph. The Coolsmartphone SEO expert is going to be all over me if I don’t manage to get the word count all the way up to the recommended 300 words before I finish. I understand why he insists on it, but it’s such a hassle. Surely the search engines will consider a short and sweet article which has rich links to media in audio and video format as “quality content”. I mean, we’re on, not on, or some other website like that. As I ramble on, a thought comes into my mind: does anyone actually read the articles to a podcast episode release? Another thought pops up now: should we really go through all the hassle of coming up with witty titles for Coolsmartphone Podcast episodes? In this case is Coolsmartphone Podcast 195 A Late K&M Show an appropriate title? Come to think of it I’m probably not the best person to answer these questions. Maybe you, the readers are best suited to answer. Let us know what you think on Twitter.

We’ll be back this evening with a live recording of the Coolsmartphone Podcast Live on Youtube. Watch out for the upcoming post with embedded links to the video.

Ooh! Look at that! I managed to get the word count all the way up to 389 words. The Coolsmartphone SEO Expert will be proud of me…